Thursday, October 13, 2011

Classes Suspended

I spent more time than I should looking for announcements whether classes were suspended for the day due to a typhoon signal. I am not subscribed to those sites yet, you see. I should have checked my phone first, though, because St. Michael has been nothing but prompt about such advisories.

Anyway, being affected by typhoons and hanging onto DepEd's words are really things I know I won't miss when we start officially homeschooling. Of course, this also means that rain or shine, I am stuck with teaching my son whatever is on our lesson plan. But at least, I don't have to wake up a perfectly sleeping child, feed and dress him up, only to be turned away or sent home at the school gate.

Hopefully, though, the homeschooling thing will really result in me being able to foster creativity in my son. I certainly wouldn't mind if he's blogging already by seven or eight years old, and coming up with real creative stuff (and grow to be like this blogger Timothy Ferriss, who is all about creativity, making money and living a positive life). Who knows, maybe we could make a tag team of our homeschooling blog.

Meanwhile, classes are suspended and Yamee is reeling from the excitability that is his older brother, and I am running out of ideas to occupy the older one.

I will find more energy soon. Yes, I will!


Anonymous said...

When will you homeschool and under what provider? Thinking of homeschooling my children too.

Mec said...

We are considering getting the reading program of CFA first... but if I will enrol my son in a curriculum, it would either be with The Masters Academy or School of Tomorrow's Living Heritage :)