Saturday, October 29, 2011

The End of Play School..

... hopefully, only for the year.

We knew when we enrolled Yakee at St. Michael that he'd only go till October. That will buy me time to just be Yamee's while he gets social interaction... and then party season will be distraction enough for him so that a regular class would be unnecessary.

I was considering letting him go back in January... but if i'm going to pursue the Waldorf crash course, that just won't do because nobody will be able to bring him to and from school.

So, maybe we'll just really enrol Yamee in the parent-child program and let Yakee go back again in June-Oct. Then again, that will depend on how our homeschooling is panning out, as well as his other classes... and maybe where we live (for I am hoping that we'd still get to move soon). I know we're still far from endeavors like whether to buy garmin chirp or not for geocaching, or investing in a heavy duty telescope to really observe stars, or going on immersions in far flung places with no clean water or toilets... but the challenge ahead is stressing me out. Before, I felt I had so much time left... but now, the time for more structured learning is here because he is already 4 years old.

Anyway, term ended for them yesterday and they all went home with Shoo Fly insect repellant and a sewn pumpkin holder for 2 apples. The Jap moms are urging me to enrol Yakee again because their kiddos are fans of my son... and they got Leah to hug Yakee goodbye.


I really wish Yakee can hang out with them again and again and again, even if not that regularly. I was thinking of inviting some to the birthday party but the Jap moms would be in Japan. Hehe.

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