Thursday, October 20, 2011

First Field Trip Coming Up

As an end of semester thing at St. Michael, the kids (with interested parents) will be going to a farm in Malvar, Batangas next week. Hubs even went on leave just so he could join us. The kids are likely to get dirty trying their hands at gardening, fishing, produce picking and riding a carabao... aside from just having heacters of open space to run and play in.

I am stoked!

This will be our first official field trip, haha.

Someday, we'd probably do more of this as we homeschool. Then, further down the road maybe, hubs and the boys will be pouring over Polaris Ranger Accessories and going to those rough roading events... or we'd really be joining triathlons... or we'd all be climbing mountains... or lazing around in Marinduque watching the fishermen haul in their catch for the day.

Outdoors. Physical activity and the outdoors. I am really excited!!!


Of course, this being a Waldorf escapade... I can't exactly pack the usual baon, hehe.

But the fee we're paying covers two snacks and lunch... how cool is that? It's only P320 for adults and P200 for kids!


irene said...

mec, we'll try to catch up on monday. alonzo usually naps at around 7:30. im hoping that he'll at least get an hour worth of sleep to be able to keep up with the activities lined up for the trip.

hope to met you soon!

Mec said...

Yey Irene... let's chika and bond at the field trip :) We expect Yakee to just really sleep the whole care ride to Malvar