Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Michaelmas at St. Michael

I really didn't think of bringing a child last night to St. Michael for Michaelmas/Parents' Night. I assummed they said the kids can be accommodated in the play school because there are whole-day students there who might as well stay there while their parents socialized upstairs.

It turned out, even former students were brought by their parents. Yikes. I so felt guilty to see Yakee's friends all there and a wonderful storytelling setup... and no Yakee.

I also told myself I needed the time away from my boys, what with my meltdown moment on the night of my birthday when I couldn't put them to sleep. Plus, I also didn't want Yakee excited at night anymore only to not settle down for bed again.

But again, I felt soooo guilty. I also almost quarrelled with hubs for trying to tease me about it. Sigh.

Anyway, it was a beautiful parents' night. Now, hubs and I need to be deciding on what's next for Yakee. We are still a long way from pondering the merits of Physicians & Surgeons Jobs (because we hope one of our sons would want to become a doctor) but in a way, it's really more crucial. omeschooling, a more structured one, can already start for us. But where to send Yakee for his socialization and physical activity needs?

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