Sunday, December 25, 2011

Goodbye to Babyhood

SIL 1 (hubs' sister) showed me the stash of clothes they are donating to Sendong victims and it was a huge stash. There wasn't quite yet any equestrian riding apparel (my niece is just turning 6) but a lot of really cute, mostly pink and white and yellow, outfits were in the stash. She held onto a lot of her daughter's clothes for sentimental reasons, plus, she was thinking that I or our other SIL will have a girl who could inherit the clothes. So far, I've only managed to produce boys and SIL 3 (hubs' brother's wife) is just about to try to get preggy next year. She also told me she cried over those clothes.

Meanwhile, SIL 3 is preparing for her daughter's 7th birthday next year. I told her to put up a time capsule wall of pics, souvenirs and dresses at the party because it would really be a nice and inexpensive something to capture the years that went by.

I, on the other hand, told hubs on the way back home that this is probably the last Christmas that we'll have a baby. Yes, despite being very short-tempered already, I think it's really sad that come Christmas next year, Yamee won't really be a baby anymore.


Time flies so fast when you're learning how to love more and better.

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Daniel Milstein said...

You make motherhood so real. Everyday things sound like such an adventure. It must be that loving more you mention.