Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hey, Christmas, I am in no Rush!

Carolling and Midnight Mass has officially begun, classes have also ended for the year, and I am sure most people are on Christmas rush mode. The rest are just in stuck in traffic.

But apart from telling Yakee that we are not giving him gifts for Christmas (because we will be giving other people gifts, and yes, I guess that takes care of the Santa Claus talk too) and finally setting up our old Christmas tree (goodbye Jesse tree idea, maybe I will be more inspired next year), I really haven't done anything FOR Christmas. No shopping, no preparing, no planning even.

And now that a lot of fellowmen died (at least 440) because of typhoon Sendong, my only wish now is that THAT is the last of the typhoons for this year, and that the government has enough resources to send some sort of gusher pump to each community flooded by the typhoon, and not just let nature takes its course. I seriously don't want epidemics to plague those people on Christmas Day, much less have dengue outbreaks left and right greet the New Year in.

Are my sons shortchanged by a Mom so not in the Christmas mood? Maybe. But the important thing is they are loved and we are blessed.

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Jhan said...

dont worry, you are not alone.
I haven't have any shopping for gifts. So stressful outside. So many people in malls, heavy traffic...everything, everyone is busy.