Thursday, December 8, 2011

Shame on SM Management

Allow mw to direct you to two blog posts concerning recent incidents wherein breastfeeding moms were told by SM security guards that they cannot breastfeed in the mall, and that's why there was a nursing station provided in their mall.

The right to breastfeed: An open letter to Sm Supermalls Management

Incident at SM Davao

When I first read about it, I really said that if the same happened to me, I'd have probably cried buckets there and then from sheer anger and offence.

The fact is, breastfeeding stations are for those who might need/want a more quiet or private place to nurse... but just because there is one shouldn't mean breastfeeding should be done ONLY there.

I heard certain buses in Davao allot seats for breastfeeding moms as well... does that mean passengers intending to breastfeed should sit there and only there?

Last time I checked too, they don't allow companions in their nursing stations in SM... what is a mother supposed to do with her husband, child, etc who are all prospective shoppers/customers?

And what of the real supermalls where there is only ONE breastfeeding station? If you were at SMX, would you really walk all the way to heaven knows where in the main mall to nurse?

I tried going to the breastfeeding station at MOA before and couldn't find it, my son finished nursing during the course of our search. I never attempted to find it again.

I also don't know if it applies to all... or just some... but SM combines nursing stations with their clinic. Apart from the complaints that the nursing stations they've seen/been into do not smell good... could you blame a Mom if she does not want to go somewhere where some stranger with bad-a$$ germs could have sat?

Breastfeeding stations are like disabled lanes, it is a courtesy an establishment extends to its patrons... not some room like a CR where you SHOULD go to DO certain things that would be really objectionable and unsanitary if done in public.

Maybe, if SM looked at a breastfeeding station not as a loss of income for allotting facilities/staff that do not generate income but as an investment in their valued customers' well-being, then they'd do things better. These moms are the ones who frequent your Baby & Company area, and if they're happy, they will buy more.


Eliza said...

You know what, there should be a breastfeeding area in the baby department. We spend half our time there!

Em said...

I completely agree with you.
The breastfeeding station at MOA used to be located near the Cinemas. I dunno why they relocated it to somewhere near the far end area of the mall. And geesh, it was small. Or maybe because it was just crowded the time i went inside. Imagine around 8moms breastfeeding at the same time where 4 of which are sharing in 2sofa chairs. The others were standing waiting for their turn on the chair while there was one sitting on the floor nursing her child.
I went outside and nurse my then 6month old daughter on one of those benches that they have. No one minded. Coz if someone did, baka nahampas ko ng bag kung magrereklamo sila.

Unknown said...

Hello, just want to share my own story. About 4 years ago, when I was also pumping milk for my baby,I went to SM Bicutan with my three older children. I have seen their breastfeeding station before and planned to pump my milk there. When time came for me to pump my milk, I went to the station and saw that it was locked. I had to ask the guard about it. He was looking at me and looking at my children, kinda wondering which one I was going to breastfeed. Not wanting to explain breast pumping to him, I just asked him if he can kindly get the nurse. The nurse came and I explained that I needed a private place to pump my milk. She didn't seem to understand me but still allowed me to use the breastfeeding station, which I discovered also doubles as their clinic. My kids and I started to go inside, but the guard stopped us. He said I can't bring my children inside the clinic. Why? I asked. For the other 'patients'. I looked and there was nobody inside (they had just opened the clinic for us). He was insistent that my children should not go inside. So I asked, "What do you want me to do with my children?" He said I should just let them roam around. My children were only 14 years down to 3 years old and we had nobody else with us. I said they're minors and I don't let them roam around on their own. I had to insist that I wanted my children to stay with me inside the room and asked him if he wanted to be responsible for my kids if anything happened. Finally, the nurse said, we can all come in as long as they stay silent. Wasn't a good experience and i never used their breastfeeding station anymore after that.

Anonymous said...

I tried breastfeeding at their fitting room for.the sake na hindi ka nila pahiyain. Grabe nga yung SM e parang naglagay sila ng breastfeeding station just to say that they have one pero hindi talaga sila open-minded about breastfeeding.