Sunday, January 29, 2012

Educationally... Where Do We Go from Here?

Since I have psyched my husband to the idea of homeschooling, we haven't really considered an alternative school for him.

Until I fell in love with Waldorf. But the idea of sending Yakee to one is a moot point since we live in Manila and the closest one to us is 1.5 hours of commute, on a good day. However, there is a Waldorf homeschooling curriculum but that would mean really veering away from the standards DepEd has imposed. I dunno, i'm not yet really sure.

Embracing Waldorf would also mean I have to backtrack a little on the things I am already doing for and with Yakee. I'd have to postpone teaching him how to read, and also maybe keep the storybooks away to focus on memorized short stories and fairy tales. We'd have to delay learning about the planets (he's already asked about them), and what makes an ms70 gold eagle coin special and definitely delay worksheets. It would be a whole paradigm shift and I am not sure if I should go there (seeing as I am attending a crash course on Waldorf Education) or just take bits and pieces of what I can use.

But more and more, the basis for Waldorf's unique academic approach is making sense to me. It has basis and keeps making sense every way I look at it. So, to take only this and that from it might end up doing more harm than good.... because part of Waldorf education's success lay in it's slow, purposeful progress from the basics.

I am just really praying for signs, and unmistakable nudges in the right direction.

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Anonymous said...

((Hugs)) After reading your blog, I thought you might need one ;)
I think that no matter what you decided to use to guide you through your homeschooling journey, you should take cues of interest from your children. If they like something or want to learn something, let them! Learning is always better when it's natural ;)

Keri ~ A homeschooling mom of 2, loving that curriculum isn't just black and white