Sunday, January 22, 2012

First Three Days of Waldorf Crash Course

The first three days of my Waldorf crash course with Ms. Bella and Jake Tan was very exahusting, but fun.

First, I have to use to getting up as early as 6, and travelling 1.5-2.5 hours to Del Monte Avenue. Then, there are all the lectures that require one to keep an open mind and stretch the imagination. On one hand, it tickles me pink to recognize a lot of familiar concepts and names, having come across them in my mythology and paranormal reading phases BUT to see them in Steiner's story requires a great paradigm shift.

Then, there's the art, music and movement component of it. Now, I have to tackle learning to play a recorder. Yesterday, we ended our session with clay molding (I have a chunk of clay wrapped in plastic in my bag and I don't know what to do with it). Next week, we're going to sew string puppets and tackle form drawing.

Talk about feeling intimidated and brought back to grade school.

I love my classmates though. We're a mixture of moms, teachers, community people and caregivers. There's a pregnant teacher at Kolisko who I've been dying to discuss Eden wear and babiesnbellies for maternity dresses with. There's an older one (compared to the rest) who's taking the course for business purposes 'coz they're going to establish one in Cebu, who looks like David Celdran. There's a mom to a child with ADHD. There's a clairaudience mom with a clairvoyant daughter. And then there's the assistant teacher at St. Michael who knew Yakee.

Suffice it to say I am feeling fulfilled with the course. But my sons have been acting up not having me for 3 days to care for them. They were okay the first day, but when I came home the 2nd day, I could tell from my cousin's expression that she was super challenged by the two. And when I came home Saturday night, darling hubby couldn't wait till I get past the door before telling me how his day with the kids went.


There was a fire near our street too and hubs texted me about it, but I was sorta chastising him for not giving my expressed breast milk to our son. He texted me something like, "I tell you there was a fire, and you're worried about your milk?"

Well... nobody else would understand, except a fellow breastfeeding Mom :)

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