Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Gift of My Ordinary Days

Warning: It might get you crying...

Although it wasn't about being a stay-at home Mom, it made me realize yet again how blessed I am that I spend most of MY waking time with my boys and vice versa. SAHMs often get lost in the redundancy of routines, in the constant demands on them to play, wipe, tell stories, etc. I know working moms are exhausted by the same when they squeeze in the time at night... but it is really exhausting (and quite annoying) to be looked to for EVERYTHING 24/7. Yes, even if they already have a sibling (and yes, a little less compared to the time I only had one child).

We often wonder if we're doing good by staying home... we often wonder if we're not shortchanging ourselves, or even our own families, by staying home. And yet, the ordinary days are really our privilege, that slow unfolding of your child. Sometimes, you don't even really notice them crossing thresholds and reaching milestones, because the baby steps are just that, baby steps. And then you wake up one morning and just marvel at how your child who used to fit in your arm is now asking you about death, giving you gifts, and hitting his brother.

Heck, you even wonder how you got from one child to two.

It's like a dream, with moments of wakefulness, this role of parent.

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