Saturday, January 7, 2012

Like Some Sort of Criminal

Yesterday, hubby asked why I got up at 5 AM to use the computer. I told him about a conversation the other day with Yakee, wherein he was asking me to close my computer because he "wants a Mommy that plays with him and his baby (Yamee)."

I need not mention that I was on the computer that morning because I was coordinating with my sister the purchase of Ball-Stick-Bird books for Yakee. It wouldn't matter to him anyway that I was online for him, because what matters is I wasn't facing him and Yamee.

So, now, I am up early again to do some minor blog tasks.

I guess, if he's not allowed TV time, then I shouldn't be allowed screen time as well. And it's really okay that he's forcing me to be ever more present with him. That is what I want, anyway, since we're homeschooling this year. And I want to be his joyful parent again.

Though... truth be told, I am getting sick of playing Lego. Hehe.

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Jhan said...

enjoy each time with your kids mommy mec.