Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Embracing the Striving

At the Waldorf course I took, it was constantly stressed that "the striving of the parents to become better" is what will count for the most for a child. They will forgive us our mistakes when they see that we are learning from those and are doing our best to become better. And before one becomes a better parent, one must first be a better, more well-rounded person.

There was a time when I all I liked were Sony Recorders... but now, I have been practicing playing a recorder, trying to master familiar tunes. It's a struggle for one who never really learned to read notes. But I find that my fingers have a lot more dexterity to learn.

I have also ordered crochet hooks and felting fleece. Tomorrow, I will buy more supplies for doll/puppet making in Divisoria. I have also inquired about crochet and knitting classes.

I am also intent on attending a Eurhythmy class (maybe on March 10) and considering art classes.

These endeavors were things I shied away from while studying/growing up. But now, I want to give myself a chance to master them, in the sense that I would be able to create :) Even if I never become a real artist or craftswoman :)

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