Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sign for Goodbye

We're doing some minor renovations in the house (or rather, having some done in the house, because we're not really the ones doing it) so everything is more chaos than usual.

My cousin mistakenly put the drainer/container for Yamee's feeding bottles on the stove and I didn't notice it, and put a kettle to boil. The plastic container burned/melted... and I decided there and then to pack the bottles away for good.

No more pumping milk for Yamee.

It is only now that I am feeling a little teary. It's another sign to say goodbye to his babyhood. Why, just this evening, we came home with him still gnawing on a chicken leg. He's really not a baby anymore, and he's not toddling anymore. Everytime I kiss him, I wonder where my baby went... which is weird since I already went through it with Yakee.

But I guess, even if I watched them grow up, I'd always wonder where my babies went... the ones who needed all of me and only me.

Now, Yamee has joined the world of his brother... one where he exercises his curiosity and makes his personality known.

And I... my heart is both broken and proud.

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