Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines and I Broke My Son's Heart

It started out with waking up late. Then Yakee wouldn't eat properly, I had to take his unfinished plate already because he was just taking so long. And then he wouldn't settle down to nap.

So, the afternoon plan of going to the playground was scrapped... but I still had to go out with Yamee, otherwise, Yakee would think our schedule depended on him. That was torture, because Yamee was not really happy in my company too... and insisted on playing on the ground, with all the red ants on it at Paco Park.

I just thank God the pigeons missed us when they were roosting and pooping from the trees. Sigh.

And then this morning, we were busy making Valentines for everyone. Then, Yakee suddenly thought it fun to waste glue and put it on everything. As a parent, I had to stop the crafts activity... but we haven't gotten to making a Valentine for Yakee. He went... "What about my heart? Mommy, you don't love me?"


Why can't I just have my friend's problem of securing her eb5 visa?

A big part of me always said to give in, make allowances, or be flexible just this time... but NO. I'd just be making it harder for both of us if my son really doesn't believe I mean business. He has to trust me completely, and I have to be worthy of that trust.

Even if I have to be a mean Mom on special days.


march said...

I do practice "hard kind of love" sometimes too! :) As parents, we have to make sure our children understands we are the one in-charge (well, until they are of voting age at least..) for stability in the home, for their guidance and protection! Love is like that-we will do what is right and proper even if it means we would seem like the "meanest person' at that particular moment. May you find comfort in the truth in your heart that "it is because you love.."

Mec said...

March... thank you for your comment :) It is really hard to provide stability, but without it, our kids might as well be unloved because how can they trust us, and this world, right?