Sunday, February 26, 2012

Why Waldorf?

I know... I know... I am in love. But if I may ask you to zero in on something that was said in this short film, something about all the students love their children, and the teachers love each student... that's really true. And I am speaking as a parent.

Each parent-teacher consultation (well, we had one in the midle of the term and the exit interview) made me feel that the teachers (nurturers) were talking about my son, knew him, care about him. Enough that I felt teary about how much they were missing my son after the 1st sem ended (we chose not to enrol him the 2nd sem because I was attending the Waldorf crash course and nobody would be fetching Yakee from St. Michael). And again, my son wanted to be like them... proof that he felt their nurturing and care.

As someone who took the crash course, this was also stressed. Part of what a Waldorf teacher does every night is reflect on a per student basis, to make sure they really SAW the child that day and note what they did SEE. That is exhausting work but one that is part and pracel of teaching in a Waldorf school. Because the children will feel it if the teacher is not doing this night work. Ad the teacher's influence on and understanding of the kids will suffer.

Now, tell me, where else is this done?


I sort of have made my peace with the fact that my sons may never get to attend a Waldorf school. I may homeschool them using Waldorf curriculum, or complement their more traditional schooling with Waldorf ways. Even if I do get to realize a dream of starting one, I know my sons may be too old to benefit from that.

But I really believe in where Waldorf education is coming from.

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