Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Home Improvements for Homeschooling

Despite not having a lot of extra funds, we decided to have some repairs and upgrades done in our home. I have also started really going through our stuff and throwing more and more things away, even if I'm only doing it 15 or so minutes per day. I have even let go of my magazines (parenting and wedding, not yet the travel ones and Readers Digest).

And because I want to adopt a less/no-TV policy at home, I am thinking of investing in gateway laptops instead of a flat screen. Just so we could have more space and also finally throw out the desktop. Hubs and I are intent on creating our own office spaces, a homeschooling space and a play space for the children in our 25-m first floor.

Wish us luck! :) Right now, I am dreaming of buying shelves every other month to help organize our things, but what are we to do with our chests that also contain stuff?

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