Thursday, March 22, 2012

Summer is More Fun at St. Michael

St. Michael Playhouse will be holding special classes for both parents and kids this summer.

First, there are these classes for the parents.

I intend to attend the living storybook workshop because I feel it would help with the homeschooling stint. Hopefully though, there will be someone I can leave the kids with on those dates.

And then there's this for Yakee:

I am darned sure he'd love the woodwork and gardening sessions. I can't really enrol him in the other classes because I intend to have him and Yamee take swimming classes as usual. He's actually been asking already why he isn't going to swim school yet. :) This would be his 4th year and Yamee's first. Hopefully, I can manage their schedules.

It's really not a good time to let go of babysitter but this is an opportunity to grow :)

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pyxxie0703 said...

Mec! If I can get a time off from work I'll see you in the living story workshop. :)