Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Best Cooker

My cousin helper/part-time babysitter is still vacationing so I had to fend for my sons for  a few days... meaning I had to cook.

Yesterday, I cooked tinola and they loved that.

Today, I made Yakee fried rice which he loved. For dinner, I cooked tuna pasta because I was itching to use the Parmesan Cheese we got from my parents. It was a hit... especially since I had Yakee crumble bacon on top of it and put cheese himself. When hubby got home, he 'taught' his father how to 'make' the pasta and had second helpings. Then he told me, "Mommy, you are the best cooker!"

We have always tried correcting him that he means 'cook' or 'chef' but 'cooker' has stuck and it's still a great compliment. It's also a reminder to me to cook more for the family... not just because I'd at least know what goes into what they eat, but also because it could be a bonding activity for me and my sons.

I'm just a little sad though because I do pay a high price for cooking... literally and figuratively. The eczema on my hands are aggravated everytime I get my hands wet, chop up stuff like ginger or onions, or experience heat. I could use disposable food preparation gloves, I guess, but that feels awkward.

But I really should go back to having my sons involved in the cooking process. Yakee was a little miffed that he did not break the spaghetti noodles  before they went into the pot but I reminded him he was playing slide with his brother on our sofa bed.

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