Saturday, April 21, 2012

I Should Think More Positively

Just several hours from now, Yakee will start his summer swimming lessons again... hopefully, he has completely recovered from his allergic rhinitis and colds from a month ago. opefully, the late night tonight hasn't compromised his immunity. Hopefully, he won't get swimmer's ear at all.

I have never experienced this kind of trepidation about his swimming lessons. He's had 3 already... this is his 4th. But life has really not been smooth where his health is concerned ever since last year, when we all came down with allergic woes that refuse to go away.


Yamee will start his first lessons on Tuesday.

More importantly though, I really hope I won't be shot down by our allergies and more particularly, Yakee's developing asthma. We need to keep embracing the outdoors. We should pursue a new car that can accommodate a car bike rack for us when we go out-of-town. I want us to keep travelling and exploring. I want us to see winter, conquer rainforests and watch the sun set from different parts of the world... so swimming lessons shouldn't cause me this much anxiety. it will rub off on my sons and they might start thinking they can't hack it.


Meanwhile, I think our new helper is also an allergic person. She has told us about being allergic to seafood... but even changes in temperature get her coughing. Yikes.

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