Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Moving Storybook Workshop at St. Michael

On one hand, it was more of a painting session with a lot of chit chat for two afternoons because that's what we mostly did: paint.

On the other hand, it was wonderful to see all the finished/unfinished products because of all the idea prompts you get. Anyway, a moving storybook is basically a favorite book, verse or made-up one brought to life using moving pictures. And since Waldorf believes in the soul of painting, it was the main medium we used. It's an alternative to having a story table and making puppets and is intended to be used without books (you can cheat and write the verse at the back, in case you forget... but you can also just make up stories). It's goal is to also be part of a bedtime routine, instead of story reading from books (because Waldorf is all about storytelling, not reading). Again, the reason for that is that it is more soulful, less contrived and more open to the use of the imagination.

The first day, I was really unprepared to be creative. I started out hoping to paint a sea scenery then ended up with a river one. The next day, I came more prepared as I had planned on a castle-dragon-knight scene.

And let me tell you... the expression on Yakee's face was priceless when I brought out the first scene and proceeded to tell him a short, impromptu story about an afternoon where he and Yamee are exploring, and he was encouraging Yamee to learn to jump over the river. You could see that he felt loved, that the gift was a very personal one, and that it was really, really appreciated. He was really upset when I couldn't use the storyboard again before bedtime because there were a lot of moths and we couldn't open any lights in the bedroom.

So, yeah, I think when he sees that  I painted a castle scene for him, he might start getting teary from the joy of it.

Yamee... well, he liked mommy's painting too... but he wanted to get the boys on popsickle sticks, and tear the painting in two (just because he saw the slit).

Anyway, here's sharing what my classmates (love using this word 'coz it makes me feel i'm back to school again just because I am learning a lot with such classes) made and some of our pics as we were creatively busy.

though I said chit chat, we didn't really gab and gossip... we were all really busy with our projects

the window will be showing two seasons :)

while this one will be showing the cycle of sunshine, clouds, rain and rainbow

this one is going to be a Narnia cabinet showing nature themes

this one shows trees dying/disappearing, as Mrs. Fajilan's homage to the pine trees cut down in Baguio; and they are also starting a Waldorf school in Tablas, Romblon (yey!)

the wheel will show different things flying in the sky

the Mom in the middle made a storybook about their trip to Bohol and that is such a great prompt: to reinforce memories through storytelling this way

the storyboard that delighted Yakee (he's the one in red shorts, Yamee is in purple)

me with the castle one and our mentor Tita Malou (and her boat); I tried copying the dragon in one of her paintings for this one (looked more like a stunted alligator but wth)

the best thing we learned from this class is that we could do it, and do it with soul... and how such gatherings help the kids, our kids, in Waldorf schools

I missed the doll-making class (amazing that regular people can make such lovely dolls!) and will have to miss the crochet class since it will conflict with my sons' pending swimming lessons. But this was really fun, fun, fun... enough to make me buy watercolor paper, new watercolor tube paints (i'd invest in the Stockmar brands someday, when I have a better handle of painting at home with the kids) and other art stuff to make more storybooks.

I also realized... I like strong colors so much. I want to paint more dreamy scenes and less concrete, detailed ones :)

Now, moving storybooks are more fun right? :) Really versatile too!

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