Sunday, April 22, 2012

Music Gadgets and My Sons

I'm one of those who could remember a time when headphones weren't common and it was the height of cool to be sporting one. Then again, even cd players then were not really very handy to strut with, twas much better to have a really loud radio instead.

But now, technology has made leaps and bounds that even kids have their own media players. My eldest is allowed my old media player for his Disney and dance songs... and sometimes, we do let him use earphones for it. Only sometimes, yes, because I don't want to train him in tuning us out just yet, or get him so used to loud music blaring in his ears. There's plenty of time for C Tech Bass headphone amps someday, when he's really into different genres already and maybe even mixing his own music. Plus, it's good to share music. I have raised both in Beatles songs and I now also know a lot of nursery rhymes and songs. Lately, I have also introduced them to recorder tunes... and my son has made a makeshift lyre. But I know he would probabaly ask for an electric guitar first.

Well, so long as we keep dancing, right? :)

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