Monday, April 23, 2012

My Boys and their Voices

One of the things that are really distinctly different about my boys is their voice. Yakee still sounds like a girl since he talks and shrieks in a high-pitched voice still, like a regular young boy. Yamee, however, interjects and expresses delight in a deeper voice. He only gets high-pitched when he shrieks at his older brother.

I wondered aloud yesterday how Yakee's voice will be like when it starts breaking in adolescence. Hubs joked that maybe the boys will switch and Yakee will have a deep voice in adulthood, while Yamee will have a shrieky one. Haha.

Well, I know we're far from days of myoripped reviews for image-conscious boys and I really don't want for time to slip any faster than it's already going (because my boys aren't babies anymore! sniff, sniff)... but I sort of can't wait for the boys to be actually talking, not just communicating through intent.

The other day though, without meaning to, Yakee said "water" again. Unlike his brother (who we may have been more consistent with), he's gotten to signing MORE for anything he wants, mostly food, so there's still a lot of second guessing with him. Then he said the word, then refused to repeat it again, much to his father's dismay (because he never hears Yamee talk).

Each child is different... but in the long run, may I be the kind of mother who teaches them to have a voice of their own :)

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