Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rough Play and Boys

I know that in actuality, even girls can play rough. But well. my boys are typical boys... only, Yakee of course has a great advantage being older. He can easily make Yamee lose his balance, for one thing. And every little curiosity that Yakee wants to test, he does it on Yamee.

Yakee has had his fair share of tumbles but Yamee somehow having to go through falls from a dressing table stool, or the sofa, or the bed... or being caught in blankets, stuck in boxes or tripping on his own feet, scattered toys or his Kuya's limbs... all these break my heart.

Sometimes, though it's no one's fault, they both get carried away. Usually, we end up scolding Yakee to mind since he's the older one, and I know it's really unfair since he's also still only a child. Sometimes, after getting hurt, Yamee would have this look of expectancy for Kuya to be scolded or a toy be taken away from his older brother or for his brother to be made to give way for him... and of course, we also do not give in to that.

So, it's usually tears and wails from Yamee everyday... and shrieks and laughter from Yakee followed by some natural consequence.

It's exhausting!

What stretches me even more is when they insist that I be part of the rough play. It sucks to have two pairs of elbows knocking the breath out of you...

Rough play and boys... I really can't wait till they start wushu lessons... and take up knitting. Haha.

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