Monday, April 30, 2012

This Week's Report

Yamee had his fussy nights again, which required me to go downstairs and put him to sleep there before we get to enjoy the cool air of the aircon.

Yakee got fever last Wednesday, and Yamee had fever Saturday afternoon. Both also had colds and allergic rhinitis. We were advised to start steaming and nebulizing again, just so they'd be ready for their swimming lessons. I have cooked most days of the week, and hubs ended the week with sweet and sour fish.

Yakee watched The Avengers with Pappie, and saw Mac and Me on TV. Yamee mastered the art of climbing ledges and sitting precariously anywhere.

Hubs and I sorted some of our things. I made Yakee wear an old sterling silver jewelry I have that hubby gave to me years ago. It was a key pendant on a simple chain because I loved keys then... and Yakee was able to break the key within an hour. So much for accessorizing him.

I have been learning to take charge of the home and the chores. Yakee has been eager to help, not always to my advantage, but he's also throwing tantrums a lot of times because I cannot play.

We have also taken to sleeping the afternoon heat off... which makes for super late bedtimes, but what can we do? It's just so horribly hot... and I can't make them nap with the aircon on because that might just make the allergic rhinitis/asthma worse.


But in case you haven't noticed, we survived. And hubs said, he thinks our meals are extra delicious (for the two of us) becase we know that we cooked it ourselves.

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