Monday, April 23, 2012

Why We'd Be Back in Guimaras

Of course, we want to try and see other places. But I really fell for Alubihod Beach where Raymen Beach Resort is, in Guimaras. When we were there, it was private enough and the sand and water were just so clean, it was heaven for little kids.

hubs taught Yakee to look for crabs (those tiny white ones that make holes in the sand) and Yamee loved trying to squash them

we often forget (thankfully, I didn't) that it's easy to amuse the kids... just leave them somewhere they can explore and build

and I fully understood why a sandbox is pedagogically necessary in Waldorf schools  when I observed them and just let them be

Yamee expresses concentration with his lips

and this is the moment when he started a fascination with sand on his body

and Yakee... well, he's always loved the beach

Since the place was clean, the staff friendly, the restaurant food was great (for the money)... and they had cable TV, it seems like the perfect place to just let kids enjoy an unspoiled beach. Of course, where sand goes, Boracay's is still the finest.... but the area is also super commercialized already.

So, someday, I want to go back and just let my sons frolic in Guimaras beaches. Maybe they can go swimming naked again, haha, at Guisi beach.

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