Monday, April 16, 2012

Yakee, Mommy and Movement

Yakee is very physical in the sense that his balance is good, he can run fast, climb walls and is hard put to stay still. But it was only recently that I started attempting to teach him guided physical activities.

I realized how hard it is to teach/do basic calisthenics. My arms  tend to give out before his, haha. Recently, I also taught Yakee the eurythmic movements for Hallelujah because that's all I remember now from our class, I have forgotten the alphabet. So, we do the Hallelujah every other day or so. I still cannot get him to do it while tracing a star on the floor though. And I love it that after he's done, he also starts doing jumping jacks (maybe because of the A movements).

Hopefully, I can keep this up. I don't know any formal dances but it would be fun if we're dancing and exercising together way into his teens, with home theater speakers blaring. Maybe I'd even learn eurythmic sword fighting to teach the boys someday, it would be fun to see them doing that!

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