Wednesday, May 16, 2012

N@Wie Mommy Meetup

I shouldn't have hurried home... because hubs and Yamee were already asleep (Yakee slept long in the afternoon so I didn't expect him to sleep easily). But the three hours or so I was at Starbucks with N@Wie mommies, finally meeting some who were just names for me for the longest time, was really a much-needed night off.

Funny thing though is the topics were mostly breastfeeding, babywearing and cloth diapering. Oh and high tuition fees :D  But hey, it was a MOMMY meetup!

It's true that most moms now are going at it alone, without the support and comfort of extended families. But it's also great that technology can bring together like-minded people who otherwise wouldn't have met. It's also great that you get to inspire, be inspired and exchange information without having to meet all the time... but some, you also get to consider as real friends.

I looked like I was from the urban poor but I glowed in the company of women friends tonight. And i'm sure it will help make me a better mom tomorrow.

And can I just say, I really appreciate how loving my hubby is?

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