Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Swimming Lessons At Last

Today marked Yakee's third swimming lesson and Yamee's first.

Yesterday, it rained for the first twenty minutes of Yakee's class and I was really so stressed already that I was close to vowing off swimming lessons till they're a lot older. I am just really so scared that his asthma will be triggered or that his allergic rhinitis will get worse. See, both boys still have 'colds'.

But... happily enough, Yakee seems to be thriving. I just can't get close to take pictures because he loses his focus.

Yamee, on the other hand, though happy to be finally in the water is still such a baby and won't respond to the teacher's instructions... like crawl towards me. Instead, he'd lay his head on the pool mat. Cute only to me, really :)

For a while, I was feeling a little envious too about friends who live in condos with pools (or whose homes have pools) because they could dictate when the classes start and not expose their children to the germs of a community pool. Though Philippine Columbian feels generally okay to me, I doubt their pool is as clean as I want it to be for my kids. And I really think it's high time they install a high roof over that pool!

I tried searching for the type of roof I want and came upon phoenix pool repair instead which specializes in pool remodelling and construction. Now, I can't help but dream of having my own pool all the more! I'm sure every child will want one with slides... but I want something that looks like a pond of sorts, very tropical. I also want it to be attached to some sort of recycling system for the water.

Anyway, boys are now asleep... exhausted from their morning activities.

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