Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Yamee's Terrible Tantrums

I sometimes try so hard to remember if Yakee's tantrums were as terrible.


Yesterday, he spent about ten minutes outside our door crying. More like wailing, actually. It's not that I locked him out, he refused to come in but was crying because he was out. It was like that the whole day... to think he woke up just fine. I got super exhausted from listening to him. He simply doesn't know what he wants and would wail and wail and wail for any little thing.

I felt bad that he hasn't cottoned to baby signing like his Kuya, no matter how I try to teach him more words. I felt he was frustrated that I couldn't understand him. And of the times I could understand him, he wants something he cannot play with.


Hopefully the swimming lessons will tire him out enough in the next two weeks while I figure how best to handle him.

And hopefully, Big Brother doesn't aggravate the tantrums by provoking him further.

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