Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ably Ambling and Tumbling

I would ALWAYS rant and complain about my boys being typical boys... very active, noisy, rowdy, excitable, messy, active and enthusiastic.

But I will also ALWAYS silently say a prayer of thanks because they're like that. They're alert and healthy and happy and just the way boys are supposed to be. I love that Yamee has confidence in his gait and insists on going up and down wherever... except to ride piggy back. I love that Yakee can go up the stairs a hundred different ways with sure hands and feet.

I know accidents will always happen, like that time we let Yakee walk on his own and one of the wooden church chairs fell and hit his shoulder, or Yamee would lose his balnce attempting to climb the sofa. But I trust their angels are keeping them safe, that my etheric forces are keeping them safe... and that being able to roam and explore is teaching them about their limits and capacities, and thus, protecting them from serious harm.

I wish they'd stop diving on me though, but there is still some sort of pleasure to be had in the fact that we have those moments when we can actually dig our elbows on each other, and not in a fight.


Our fave thing to do together is to massage each other, brought about by Yamee's obsession with lotion :D


It may be premature but when Yamee was sick... I thought to myself, maybe this is the fever that will signal his language development. And well, I may be right. He has been babbling more :)

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