Thursday, June 28, 2012

Extreme Couponing Makes Me Cringe

In all honesty, how I wish couponing is the norm in our country. I sure would love to have huge savings everytime I shop. And I am really amazed with the show Extreme Couponing because  there are these people who have figured out a way to double their savings and reduce items to cost nothing.

But I also cannot help but cringe at the things they buy.

Hundreds of flavored water?
Hundreds of candy packets?
Soft drinks?
Canned food?
Frozen food to last for months?

I mean... I like savings but at the expense of my family's health? Because I doubt they're using their savings on organic veggies to throw in with the frozen TV dinners. It's processed food! (For the record, I love sardines... the boys love Spam... but we're lucky if we open two cans of processed anything in a month).

Plus, these stuff have expiry dates right? We get those big bottles of supplements from abroad too, and unless these extreme couponers eat them instead, I really don't know what they'd do with all those vitamins and OTC meds since they also shop every three months or so.

I understand paper towels/tissue... but toiletries should also be used after a certain time, right? From what I know, baby colognes and stuff expire... so why would you hoard them and use hoarded ones on your baby?

Sorry, but that's like inviting allergies for me.

The episode last night was of a Dad who shopped galore for baby formula. But what if their baby couldn't use those? What if it made their baby constipated? And how long can formula be kept anyway?

Extreme couponing. I hope it saves health and lives too, not just bucks.

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