Sunday, June 10, 2012

Intimidated Galore

I spent last night trying to rationalize my scheduling for our coming days so I can include reading time, formal instruction, art/music, free play and chore time. On paper, what I have so far looks great. However, I am stumped with ideas for some activities.

Actually,I know the internet can provide me with so much ideas and projects... but executing them will be a problem. I am a sloth, after all. But this is it.

On top of this, there is that on-going decluttering. I have asked our helper to start going through my old magazines (when I say old, I mean decades-old) at the other house so I can transfer my Readers Digests there, and use the shelves in our home for our books and art materials. We have yet to fully back up all the files on the old desktop so we could give, donate or throw it away already. I am also considering letting the TV go or buying a flat screen one and use peerless mounts to maximize space. Hopefully, we could create 'office' spaces for hubs, myself and the boys.

 I am intimidated because I am committing to things that will ask so much of me.  And I now have to keep fighting that sucky inner voice that keeps telling me I am not creative nor resourceful nor fun enough.

This is it.

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