Friday, June 1, 2012

Yamee's Challenge

Yakee was born excited and excitable. Though he didn't talk early, he was a signing baby and communicated to me just fine from age one. Yakee was also very transparent. There were no gradations in his emotions. If he's upset, he's upset. If he's happy, he's happy. The only times he will sit still for long is when he's watching TV or being read to.

Yamee... well, he likes taking his time. He looks at you, watches you, and if it's a new environment, will not respond to you. He has different kinds and levels of happy and upset. You always have to coax him out (except with his brother, who he's always eager to be with and who he responds to all the time). It's common not to get any reaction from him and I find always having to guess what he wants and needs.

But I can't say he's a quiet boy, nor one that keeps to himself.

And yes, he wouldn't sit still for TV and stories, but likes checking out books just the same. But he would sit still pouring over a chest of toys, sifting through them one by one, and returning them one by one.

It's natural to always compare him with his older brother... I like to think though that when I do, it's really just to be matter-of-fact about their similarities and differences. But it is a growing challenge to realize again and again that he is a different person, and thus will react differently to methods we know as parents, and that he will give rise to different provocations and ask different questions. I know I keep saying DIFFERENT but that's just what he is.

A lot of the things we already know because of Yakee will not apply to him... and I am wondering a lot if I am parenting him well, and I am sure the second-guessing will be lifelong. They always say to parent each child differently because each child is unique... but since a parent seldom knows he's doing right by one child, what more with two?

Then again... I have friends with seven kids. How dare I complain and get intimidated, right?

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