Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cake Boss Addict

Yakee and I are Cake Boss addicts. I love the noisy family that still manages to appear genuinely loving despite this being reality TV. And I salivate everytime they say things like, cream cheese frosting, hazelnut cream, marshmallow icing.

The episode last night was of Buddy's cousin and sister-in-law's wedding... and this neophyte baker (I forgot his name, but he's the one who DJs and was a recipient of a cake that looked like a mackie cfx-12, and they presented it to him at a club while he was 'mixing' too) who had to deliver all the cakes all on his own because everyone was at the wedding.

My favorite episode, so far, is the one with the kickass bumblebee cake and the jousting cake :)

Yakee loved the jousting cake too... but also the ones with the shark head, the alligator head and the one filled with all things candy :)

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