Thursday, July 12, 2012

Domestic Goddess

I didn't want the job... but my cousin leaving (ad our new helper not being keen on cooking) meant that I have to do most of the cooking nowadays. Well, at least the helper chops everything up for me so my contact with meats and produce is limited, and my eczema isn't that aggravated.

Anyway... I never thought I'd find it rewarding but Yakee usually thanks me for cooking. Plus, I've noticed that the boys and the helper only eat with gusto when I cook the usual veggie and meat viands (tinola, nilaga, sinigang, sotanghon). I swear, I cannot eat properly from having to fish their veggie of choice from the broth. Yakee would even say, I'm his favorite 'cooker' :)

He also thanks me profusely for crocheting him hacky sacks. I guess this is really meaningful work that a child appreciates... not my time on the PC.

So, anyway... I steamed some brocolli and made a parmesan cheese sauce for dinner, and my family loved it. Hubs even said that we should go to Baguio or Sagada (places that are super cold, with a metal building being the most practical kind of home) where vegetables are really fresh, rent a transient home, and just prepare the same dish. Haha. How's that for appreciation?

A big part of me still gets resentful that I have to plan the menu and budget the money and balance that with good food... but I like it, too.  have, so far, perfected those viands above as well as champorado.

And when all else fails, there's the daing na bangus we boy that the helper just needs to fry... and my boys thank me for. Haha. After all, I also do the marketing... every day.

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