Friday, July 13, 2012

The Giant and the Gnome

This is a favorite tale in Waldorf circles and there are enough stories of young children who were overly shy, or had some special needs, responding to the story with so much investment... that parents have been pressed to learn it too.

I was too happy to just realize that I have a copy of the English version (because I have a copy of the Filipino one).  I am sharing it here so that others can tale the tell to their own children...

This is easily told using knotted doll cloths and on someone's lap.


There was a giant, big and bold,
Whose feet were getting very cold.
He came along to our town,
And walked the hills all up and down,
Calling, "Is no one hearing me?
My toes are freezing bitterly!
No single shop that I could tell
Has stockings giant-size to sell."

A little gnome, both old and wise,
He gave him very good advice.
He brought two pretty bits of stuff;
The giant thought them good enough.
He wrapped his feet, the pain was eased,
And home he walked, content and pleased.

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