Saturday, July 14, 2012

Growing Pains

Yakee would always be excited to go to play school... until recently. For the past 3 weeks, he'd start out raring for Wednesday, and then appealing/throwing a tantrum against going to school on Thursday... then he'd be quite happy again on Friday (because it's TV watching day and date day for us).

At first, I thought it was something about the home... like jealousy over my alone time with Yamee. But this week, the appeals not to go to school became more pronounced... he was even invoking sickness. Upon further inquiry, he told the tale of how two classmates are hurting him.

The ironic thing is that these other boys are only 2 years and 8 months old.

We brought the matter to the nurturers' attention, however, just so they can help police. After talking to the head nurturer, I found out that the hitting happens during rough play. It seems the three new boys haven't been gentled enough yet, and my son can't help himself from joining them in their rough play. Unfortunately, the younger two don't know their strength yet and do not stop when they're asked by Yakee to stop. The Jap kids even have to intervene and defend my son (who is the oldest).

Yes, I can't help but smile as I type this. Because really, some boys are rowdier than most. It's just unfortunate for my son that he, as it turns out, is someone the boys feel safest with. Otherwise, they won't be hitting him if they're scared of him. (it's like last year with another boy who wasn't blending in, but would respond to Yakee... but would also bite him in play)

Then I remembered another conversation with Yakee which I shared with the nurturer... about how my son used to be all excitement to report seeing his former buddy during joint park time with the full day care, but now would only tell me about how his former buddy doesn't like his new buddy.

The nurturer related to me that just that morning, the former buddy told her that he feels Yakee doesn't know him anymore. Sigh. Clearly a classic case of feelings of rejection, confusion over loyalties and inability to handle all the tension.

Oh, I sooo feel for these boys. And sure enough, when Yakee feels psychologically upset, he exhibits a nervous bladder (he keeps going to the toilet to pee, even if he's just peed).

I really wish there's a way I can make things right for them all... and spare them all this tension. But I know I can't.

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