Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Parent Support Group

The Parents Circle meeting at my son's day care has officially begun yesterday... and our first topic was the why and how to strategize against TV and gadget use for the young. It was informal, personal and really fun... because we all wanted to embrace the Waldorf way more but share the same hurdles and challenges.

Plus, we all kneaded the bread we ate for snack :)

It's great to talk to parents who are on the same page and struggling towards the same direction. Plus, we all got to learn from each other and remind each other that there is payback at the end of the road... or that, at least, we're doing it for good reasons.

Next topic is about angels, I think... and the parents also signified interest in being taught the school songs so we can sing and chant along with our kiddos.

I thank God for this social life... and great opportunity for more conscious parenting. Heaven knows yesterday found me so lacking, and I can't thank the heavens enough that my sons are very forgiving.

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