Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Preparing for Yakee's Birthday

Yakee has come home from school with a box of chocolate mallows, an apron with a red balloon, and a felt beanie and felt tool belt with yarn balls and wooden clips... all giveaways from schoolmates who have celebrated their birthdays.

And don't I feel pressured!

But the thing is... I know the parents thought to give those away because their children are good friends with the other children already. And it's not like there is some sort of unwritten protocol that this has to be done. And apart from the mallows, the giveaways are craftsy and tons of fun. I loved them so much because they really had 'play' as motivation.

And since we're not throwing a party this year, and I want Yakee to have a birthday story told him in school (which reminds me, I need to purchase the birthday ring and beeswax candles already... or make do with diptyque candles)... and it may be his last birthday there, I have been thinking of what to give away to his schoolmates.

It's down to three things... a cloak made of velvet cloth (for make-believe play), a bug's eye toy (to look at the world in a new way) with fairy rings/hand kites or burlap frames and cut-out leaves/tree trunk (with instructions on how the child can make her own tree). The deciding factor would be the cost, so I better head back to Divisoria soon and source materials for the first and third, otherwise, I'd have to order the bug's eye from abroad already.

And I'm thinking of having a crepe cake for Yakee's birthday instead :)

(yes, all preps for him, none for me)

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