Friday, August 3, 2012

Baby, I'm Amazed

While walking to Power Plant Mall from school, I happened to notice the sky and had this resultant conversation.

Me: Oh my, Iakob look at the clouds. I think it might rain again.
Yakee: Hmmm... I think Jesus said, "No rain until my son Iakob is home."

Sure enough, it was still only drizzling when we got home after our date. And that was over an hour away because we still had ice cream, browsed through books at National Bookstore and shopped for groceries before we hailed a cab for home.

What amazed me so much that time was that it was the first time Yakee showed faith in a Higher Power. Sure, we pray every night and I prompt him to thank God for our blessings, but it was the first time he showed me an appreciation for the divine. I know the conversation meant nothing to him but for me, it was such a profound leap into being a person of faith.

I had other wonderful conversations with Yakee today and a part of me couldn't keep up with how his mind is evolving. But really, baby, I'm amazed.


On a related note, I hope Yakee won't feel he has to share the fact that his father is collecting urine (haha, people might mistake him to be conducting home paternity tests) with his friends at school tomorrow. But, really, I'm also just glad that he's not messing with his father's stuff in the toilet (we're waiting for hubs to pass kidney stones).

And it's Yamee that's driving me crazy, actually, from climbing onto shelves (one that contains a myriad of little things... like medicine... and flour!) and unravelling my yarn balls.

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