Sunday, August 5, 2012

Cleaning Gentlemen

Say, a crumb of muffin falls on the floor or some milk gets spilled. Yamee would automatically (and very enthusiastically) get the broom (complete with the dust pan) or the mop and clean up the mess.

Yakee, while in the middle of a tantrum earlier, was asked by his father to sweep the floor and he eadily stopped all the whining. As he gave his all in sweeping  the floor, and even sang while he did it, I couldn't help but wonder where all the tantrum went.

Amazing, right?

So, just maybe, if we ever get to migrate and join my family in Michigan, the boys could work for my uncle's cleaning services. It would be cool part-time work and all of my father's siblings (my Mom and him included) have actually done it. After all, it pays good money and most of them are neat freaks!

Incidentally, I once chanced upon this website for  office cleaning services in Wisconsin and was really impressed at the extent to which they disinfect and scrub and air and do everything else to clean spaces. I liked that they highlighted changing their cleaning tools regularly and that they target high-traffic areas. It's also great that such services are reachable by e-mail because some people (like me) are just really too lazy to pick up the phone even.

Now... I just hope this cleanliness streak will never wane for my boys. I might just end up with a spic and span kitchen just yet.

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