Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Discipline Strategies That May Work For You

My friend Liv shared with us a link to a list of Quirky Discipline Rules that Work and loved the article.

We are implementing most of it already in various ways and forms. I generally adjusted my computer/work time to the time when they're sleeping (so, at night) or I forewarn them that I am busy with something. I am slowly letting them do chores with me, even if it takes a longer time getting accomplished. I am clear with most house rules and maybe about 90% consistent. When Yakee says 'he is bored', I ask him to clean our wall. He doesn't really know what bored is, he just liked saying it for effect, something he got from our niece.

But what I liked most about the article is Rule Number Two. See, it never occurred to me that I could stop working. I have always wondered how long till I can rest but never thought of setting a time when the Mom office will close (except for the breastaurant, but even that, I am slowly preparing Yamee to just sleep through the night and not nurse anymore after brushing his teeth) and the Mom duties will stop.

So, now I feel super empowered! Hopefully, hubby WILL be supportive in getting me to finish all by 9 PM.

One thing I realized too when I had my HALLELUJAH moment over that rule is that... the world won't end if the kids go to bed unbrushed, uncleaned or whatever else for a night. Because I know they would be more cooperative the next day (since the highlight of bedtime is story time).

Isn't that liberating? :)

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