Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Reorganizing Ideas During the Typhoon

As I was trying to figure out which of our stuff downstairs to save, and how to save them, I couldn't help but also get ideas about reorganizing our stuff. I definitely need to put the books higher up, so my kids will not just yank at them at will (but wait, isn't that a good thing? haha... maybe I'll have an accessible bookcase and rotate things there).

I definitely need more covered shelves because I really cannot tolerate dust anymore.

And yes, we need to throw a lot of things away... and have sturdier stuff too. I'm dreaming of actual desks (and a desk name plate for each of us) just so we know our spaces and will be limited to those speific areas for most of our endeavors. Because, right now, I have some things and Yakee has some toys on hubs' work space.

Having their play area under the stairs isn't a good idea anymore because our roof leak is right above the stairs, and water tends to drip down to the first floor too. And defnitely, we need to throw more stuff away... not to make room for new ones, but to have everything simpler and more used.

I just hope I'll work at it after the flood watch... without getting sick too!

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