Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tomorrow Is Donation Time

In a way, I am excited to give things away... not really because it may mean I can shop for new ones again (but that's a perk, of course... and the kids ARE growing and need wardrobe adjustments from time to time) but that I may be able to breathe better in our home.

Of course, hopefully the search for donatable items won't aggravate the sinus allergy that has kept me down all day today (because I 'rescued' some stuff from possible flooding).

I realized  I have so many slippers of Yakee's that I was keeping... since Yamee prefers bigger-sized slippers anyway, now I can give away what he's using without guilt.

I also just hope I can go to UP-PGh to drop off the things... because though LBC accepts donations now, few trust them because their parcels aren't delivered on time.

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