Thursday, August 9, 2012

Where Is The Yarn?


My mom packed all the yarn I bought in the door-to-door box that they're planning to ship to us. Unfortunately, that arrives in maybe mid-November, if I am lucky. And she made sure to pick and pack the loveliest ones... the ones I need to make her and my sister scarves.

(Incidentally, my nieces are also asking for crocheted scarves! Asking me for book bags for high school girls would be far easier to deliver since I am not a master crocheter!)

So... now I would have less than a month to crochet their scarves in time for their arrival. After that, it would be hard to hide what I am crafting since they will be all over the place. And what good would it do to have them checking how their Christmas gift is going?


 Wonder now if I should just buy more, so maybe my cousins or my Dad could bring them when they go back here.


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