Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Computer Worries and Reality Checks

I just shared this picture and posted this status update on my FB wall:

I dressed the boys in matching pyjamas (gift from Ninang Karla last Christmas). Yakee said, "Mommy, I think we should make Ninang XiAh see us on webcam."

I said... "Oh sorry baby, Mommy's laptop is broken, that's why I couldn't work all day."

Yakee said, "Ahhh... so you can play with us!"

Laya can I plead 'birthday blues' to my children to justify the extended PC use? No? Awwww.... :D


I do have the birthday blues. Weirdly enough, I have it bad again. And it doesn't help that both hubby and my sis have offered to buy me a new phone... which is sooo wonderfully loving of them... but I had to be practical and insist they spend on other things instead.

And so, we're going to Bohol in December!

Then,  I started moping yesterday because I have officially told my breast friend that I won't be joining them at the World Breastfeeding Conference this December (in India)... mainly because it coincides with my Mom's arrival, and I would lose 5-6 days with her. And I have never really felt comfy about spending that much on me when I don't earn that much (well, I do, if you count blog earnings for the whole year, haha).

Good thing hubs spent on Indian food to comfort me.

And so, I just manic planned our Bohol itinerary instead.

But I'm still feeling down... and then my laptop refused to let me log in (thus, the conversation above). Hubs asked me if I have an external hard disk big enough to transfer my files to (yeah,  I started thinking of cloud backup solutions there and then) because he thought he'd have to reformat and reinstall things.

Sniff... sniff.

Good thing Google came to his rescue and he managed to fix my laptop. But yeah, I really should start saving more files in Google docs and what-not.


I would just like to say that most of my computer time is still done at night, when the kids are asleep. BUT... I have been losing a lot of sleep and I know that is afecting my parenting. And I have been preoccupied with a lot of things lately. And then, there are all these chores that I have to get done.

But I guess, these reasons aren't really reasons enough to a child who just wanted to play with his parent.

Sorry darlings... Mommy has been selfish and blind lately.


Oh something that I am looking forward to... Eden's going to have a sale :D

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