Thursday, September 6, 2012

Maria Lactans

I sincerely hope that the site won't mind that I copied their pictures to post here. I was just really amazed at the many wonderful paintings/sculpture on Mary as Nursing Mother. I really checked each one out.

This post is coming along the heels of the picture ABS-CBN posted in their FB wall that is garnering a lot of really WTH comments from prissy hypocrites. Yes, I am labelling them :D

Anyway, here are my faves of the Maria Lactans:

artist: Pisano

Anonymous French Sculptor

Cleve (he has many breastfeeding paintings, and I like that he depicted baby Jesus/babies falling asleep at the breast... and Mother Mary/moms going about other nurturing activities, like reading)
Fouquet (I think others in this day and age would find this sensational... amazing that it was created in AD 1450)
Michelangelo (most Our Lady of La Leche paintings show Mother Mary'sbreasts really full, and usually, nipples are prominet)
Morales (don't you just love how romantic this one is? and how it depicts the baby trying to soothe himself by nippling the mom?)
Robert Campin
Orley (look, baby Jesus is already standing and still nursing!)
Painting at Bethlehem's Milk Grotto

Alonso Cano's depiction of the spiritual nourishing of St. Bernard by the milk of Our Lady, based on this legendary mystical experience: Bernard prayed before a statue of the Madonna, asking her, "Show yourself a mother" ("Monstra te esse Matrem"). The statue came to life and and squirted milk from the breast onto the Saint's lips.
But like what a fellow breastfeeding Mom said... at least people are talking now and more people are becoming aware that there is such a thing as Our Lady of La Leche... that this devotion to the nursing mother is real and has been in practice for a long time... and sanctioned and supported by the Vatican. 

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