Monday, September 17, 2012

Milestones and Moments

Earlier, because I was multi-tasking (teaching Yakee how to play luksong-tinik while tracing Yamee's feet on paper for him)... and Yakee wanted to do something that required my whole body (play hide and seek), my firstborn was driven to express that he wished I had more hands.

I really couldn't help but laugh... because my son just gave me a moment of cliche, a mom whose hands were full and it not being enough.

It's really very challenging dividing oneself between the two, whose interests and skills are different... and well, when they do decide to do the same thing and play the same game, it usually spells PAIN and EXHAUSTION for me... you lose some, you win some, you lose some :D


Yamee is so jealous and territorial... he's always snapping at his Kuya. Yakee, on the other hand, has never missed an opportunity to defend his brother from our 'mean' parenting.


Yakee wrote a very decipherable IOIBP on his magic slate and asked me to read it. Then he asked me to write words we can read. And just like that... he was reading CVC words for the first time by learning to sound them off properly and deducing which word it sounds like.

I was at a loss and very unprepared... but we managed the mat, pat, cat, sat, bat, fat words... then went to ted, bed, red... then gun, sun, bun (I didn't know which words to start him with)... at and it... and mama and papa. He asked me how to write alien. Then he's had enough lessons.

Hubs kept teasing me that our son really wants to learn now... and I kept reminding him that our son learned on his own, and we should celebrate that he's ready and curious and is learning :)  I have no doubt he'd learn fast when we really go into it, but I also want him to just enjoy his new discoveries.


Yamee is lining up  play dough balls. Haha. I love these little signs that their brains ARE developing.

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