Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Boys Are Exhausting Me

I know I am not girly enough to also win with a little daughter of my own who would insist on hair stylist supplies and playing dress up... but really, my boys are exhausting me!

They keep competing for my attention... Yakee wants me to watch him, Yamee wants me to show him things or name things for him.

Yakee would want us to play, but Yamee will want to nurse.

Yakee would be telling me stories (and since we have this thing about 'listening with the eyes') but I have to police and follow Yamee as he tries, tastes or destroys odd things.

And their play is ALWAYS rough... always involving running, climbing over me, etc.

I will even admit to looking forward to Fridays and Saturdays, because that's TV-watching day for Yakee and I can shake him off during those times... an hour of not having him competing for attention with Yamee is heaven!!! Always heaven!

And no... this isn't exactly a rant. It's a statement of fact.

My boys are exhausting me! :D

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