Sunday, September 30, 2012

Storytelling Workshop Under Kuya Bodjie

Yes... I know... I may never gush enough over the storytelling workshop I attended with Kuya Bodjie. It was really just a fun, fun day coming along the heels of a great depression, haha.

And his workshop was very different from the one I attended under Adarna House (which tackled the elements of storytelling and some techniques) because he focused more on getting people to be organic in the storytelling, and getting rid of fears and inhibitions.

Which reminds me, I really should practice projecting my voice... and maybe bringing puppets or books along all the time. Just so I can tell stories anytime, anywhere.

But let me tell you about my classmates too... maybe a third of them were teachers sent to the workshop by their school's Principal, but the rest went because it was by Kuya Bodjie. A lot were connected to NGOs or Sundays schools attempting to bring literacy to indigent children. A mother and daughter flew all the way from Palawan to attend the workshop... and they are working with friends to build a library for a public school in their area.

They were great fun :)  And they're proof that the world is still ok because there are still so many committed to helping little children.

Anyway... I related the story Kuya Bodjie told us to Yakee (because Yamee refused to listen and kept on glaring at me to read to him) that night... and man, it sure made up for the whole day I was away. My firstborn just LOVED it... and I really gave it my all (though all the growling I did hurt my throat, hehe).

So... yes, I am more excited about storytelling.

I am even considering theater workshops for me... or improv workshops :)

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